Book of Sole

So my homie out in SD, Sole Junkie, has finally finished his first book! The Sole Junkie book displays some of Sole's best sneaker customization artwork. I havent received my copy in the mail yet, but from the pics on his blog, it looks very exciting and im very proud to own a one of a kind peice by Mr. SJ. Cop it here and be on the lookout for big things comin from this dude in '09.



88 Keys

WOW, so it's been a minute since either of us posted shit on here. Both of us have been mad busy with work and life. Oh well. I can say that I picked this fresh new CD by 88 Keys, titled: "The Death of Adam". Very dope album that was executive produced by Kanye West and features the Chi-town rapper along with Phonte (lil brother), Redman, J Davey, Kid Cudi, & Bilal. Just a real good story about a dude (named Adam) and his downfall (by way of a chick that "burns" him and traps him with a kid). enjoy.





I finally got my Mac... after a LONG time of saving and setbacks. Special thanks to all the helped out with gift cards on birthdays and holidays. Time to work...



Air Jordan 1 in an exclusive INFRARED (no, not regular Chicago Bulls red, but Air Max 90 INFRARED) colorway. Spotted on a Jordan Brand employee at the Triumvir base camp. Expected drop date of March 2009.

Walmart x iPhone???

Yes, its true... well not really. Right now its just a strong rumor, but apparently Walmart will join Best Buy on the list of authorized iPhone retailers. The best part of this is that Walmart will apparently get the lower-end 4GB model and sell it for $99! YES, $99! Suddenly my Blackberry is starting to look janky. Keep em peeled for a more official announcement of this union, but the pic below, complete with AT&T and Walmart logos, is quite convincing.


Start 2009 off with just the right amount of "POP" with this crazy Bubble Calendar. Designed by Stephen Turbek, this calendar features a large strip of bubble wrap, integrated with the "09 calendar... allowing you to burst everyday that passes you by. Available in a handful of languages and also has the holidays listed. Buy it here.

"Bring Back God"

New mixtape by the Wu's very own U-God, cleverly titled: Bring Back God. Download it here. Oh and speaking of Wu Tang, they're gonna be in town (Phoenix) this Sunday @ Marquee.


Up Next, SeaVees

Well, I really can't say they are "next" 'cause this California classic has been around for quite some time. SeaVees is a high end sneaker company that shies away from current market trends and just keeps it real cool and clean. Think classic Vans, meets Converse Jack Purcell, meets Adidas Stan Smith. For reals though if you got the dough, this is truly some shit to treat your dogs to. Peep the classic Pantone color collection that drops for Spring '09... eugh!

Staple x Airwalk x Payless

So you may have already heard it... but chances are that you haven't, since Hypebeast hasn't blown it up yet. Streetwear/Graphic/Curator extraordinaire and is Staple Design team are linking up with Airwalk in a future collection of footwear to be exclusively sold at Payless shoes. Apparently the deal was for multiple years/seasons and will kick off in Fall '09. Since we are about 300 days away from the official drop, the only thing you have to work with are these few R&D pics. Personally not feeling these first samples, but they have tons of time to get it right. Jeff Staple is truly a trend-setter and putting his "rep" on the line like this solidifies that. MSRP on the Airwalk(R) joints will be around $50.


Dude, if you ain't knowin about this spot, then you're missing out! Venezia's pizza is probably the best pizza I've had, outside of NYC. 2 big slices and a drink for $5.75. Bon appetite!


Jingle Bells

Clipse/Play Clothes x Complex Mag.

The Clipse have just dropped a promo mixtape for the launch of their new Play Clothes line with Complex Magazine. From what I've seen, the line has some pretty cool stuff (not Bape-like at all) and their lyrics are always on point. Download here, and pick up a tee or two at High Point.

Jim Jones Deads The N-Word

***TAKEN FROM XXL.COM*** This is some IGNORANT shit...

Barack Obama has even inspired Jim Jones to clean up his act. Yo let him tell it, you may not hear Jim Jones use the N-word anymore. The Harlem Rapper recently revealed his plan to switch the n-word with Obama and the b-word with Michelle.

“Shouts to all my Obamas, the niggas is out the Obamas is in,” Jones told “The bitches is out and the Michelles is in. So if you’re lady gets you mad you say, ‘Michelle you betta get out of here before I slap the thunder out of you.’

“Nah, let me stop playing but that’s how we doing it this year we tryna switich up the f*cked up language we been saying for the past few years,” he continued. “It’s actually been catching on a little bit I was on the radio yesterday and I heard somebody saying that and I was like, ‘Wow that’s a great thing if we could call each other Obama instead of nigga.” -Marvin Brandon

We Go Hard!

New Jay Z track: "Brooklyn (We Go Hard)", featuring Santgold and produced by Kanye West. I can't wait till Blueprint 3 comes out! Hear it here.