Been away for a min... just got done moving to a new spot this weekend. Moving sucks balls, but the beer made up for it. Since I don't have internet yet at the spot, i had to come to the old casa and post this with my days remaining internet. Took a break from cleaning and patching up holes in the walls. No Fun.


Sung Choi of CLAE

I had the honor of meeting and interviewing Sung Choi, the Creative Director & Founder of CLAE footwear a year ago. It was a great time and the finished Vapors interview turned out pretty well (so did the huge bowl of Korean noodle soup). In conjunction with his S/S 09 line, HighSnob has featured an interview and released pics from the second season drop. Good read.

Hi Tech

I stumbled across these gems the other day while packing my shit for this move tomorrow. What you see here is about 10 years of phone numbers and lost technology! Remeber when EVERYONE had the Nokia joint with the switchable faceplates?! Those bitches got so hot and would burn your face after 10 mins. And of course everyones favorite: the OG sidekick. Still a beast!


Will someone get this dude a fuckin' BigMac?  LOL.  I guess Pharrell has no pull in Parisian airport fast-food joints!



New album from DOOM (formerly MF Doom) titled "Born Like This".  Pretty dope & an ILL cover, pick it up if it's your type of thing.  



Got this dope little nugget from the Jeff Staple blog... a useful periodic table guide of the most commonly used typefaces.  Great reference for those in the design industry & a pretty cool brief history on who made it and when.


Ahhhh, Sunday is the best day. Time moves slower, food tastes better, sales are abundant. My Sunday started early with a trip to the leasing office of my new crib (moving next Sunday), a trip to my Vans hookup, a stop at Big Lots for a Kone hand vac and packing tape. Then I ended it with an hour-long excursion at the 99 Cents store and some Costco polish dogs and churro - no homo. All in all a good day. And in case you didn't know, the 99 Cents store is the fucking shit! Peep below at some of the odds and ends that found.

The Abstract

Here's a new musical treat for everyone- well it released last month, but its new to me! This is J.Period's new mixtape in honor of Q-Tip. This best-of record features an all stat lineup of artists, including The Roots, De La Soul, Kid Cudi, Black Sheep, Talib Kweli, Busta Rhymes & many others. I'm listening to it as I type... pretty dope. Enjoy the free download here.


Lomo "Polaroid"

The cult-classic Lomo F+ vintage styled camera just got a fresh new update. Well it really isn't and update considering its old technology, but now the F+ can be paired with the Instant Back to yeild Polaroid style instant pictures. Very cool concept for those who dont like to go digi, but want those pics now.

3/19 & 20

Yeah, so i missed yesterdays post of life pics. Blag. Anyways here's and installment of both Thurs and Fri. Not too much happening here: Nature watching, NCAA, the doctor, played with B/W settings at the gas station, free tix, ends with Chemtrails (click on the link), outs.


Everyday Pics

So I recently got a new camera... nothing crazy fancy like the homie Sean, but it's a nice point & shoot. Since purchasing it, I really haven't done too much with it, mostly random shots of my living room and other "test" BS. After kicking it with Sean this past weekend, I decided that I too would catch the photo bug and try to develop a craft (not really, but taking pictures is fun sometimes). Since Dearly Departed is a new lifestyle brand - our lifestyle brand - I decided that I was going to take and post at least 1 picture a day, illustrating some point of my life that day.

Today, Slim and I had a business lunch @ Sauce in Scottsdale. I got shells, he got pizza, we got full. Bon appetite. See you tomorrow.



...for the Dearly Departed corporate design space (aka my girlfriends dining room table) is this skull desk lamp by F.AKASAKA. The fact that its constructed of brass and has glowing eyes is utterly official! Maybe ill sleep on it, considering there isn't a price listed online... which means it costs a ton.

Cut & Sew Coochie

So, clothing designer Sander Reijgers has come up with the keen idea of turning the lifeless, unforgiving body of every sex degenerates favorite, the Blow-Up Doll and worked it into a unique cut and sew jacket line. If you look closely, you can spot the faces, "bumps", & openings that frequent these fuckable barbies integrated into the outer shell of his outerwear. Interesting idea... certainly not Dr. Romanelli, but nicely executed.


Are You Fucking Serious?

Vans was doing so well with thoughtful, well planned releases over the past year or so. Then I saw this on HighSnob. WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY THINKING. Bape isn't even doing this bullshit anymore. Super BLAG. SHAME, SHAME.


One Hundred

You really have to appreciate the honest simplicity of The Hundreds brand. True streetwear.



Big ups to the ladies @ Dimepeice, Laura & Ashley, for their latest media coverage, at none other than one of my magazines, Format. Peep the interview if you dont know the story already. These ladies make some pretty dope clothes for the femmes out there, that isn't too "streetwear"... more "couture". Pretty good read, even though I should have been the one to conduct the interview. All Good.