Vapors Is Back!

After a 5 month hiatus, my beloved Vapors Magazine is back in business! This issue features the late Shawn Mortensen and is full of other fun bits of information. Be on the lookout for the short article written by the Miss Summer of the Fresh Fiends as well as my interview with Rhandy of In4mation.
Long Live The Print!


Menswear: NYC

Here's a LINK to a nice video piece on modern menswear, from suit to street, in the streets of NYC. The piece is narrated by Bill Cunningham, a photographer for the New York Times. As we all get older, it is very important for us men to realize that there is more to menswear than Supreme tees and Bape hoodies.


An old video of Pop Art Master, Jeff Koons' exhibit at Versailles. The inflatable balloon dog sculpurte recently made a movie appearance in the new Night At The Museum movie.

"...And I don't give a fuck what you sold, that shit is trash..."

-We keep it thoro, ninja-

Maestro 10

Maestro Knows - Episode 10 (Las Vegas) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

New episode of Maestro Knows. Apparently he loves Benny's shirts too... could this be a precursor? All I know is I MISS VEGAS!


Great Movie

Saw this recently. Great. Worth the ticket price and the 2 1/2 hours.

C.U. There...

... AFTER The HP event.


Dude looks my Grandpa

Rick Ross-Cigar Music

"Fascinated with foreign felines since I was knee-high..."

** I dont think ive ever seen dude without shades on before... strange. And apparently, rappers like BG shirts.



In Memoriam


Next Day Air

Went to the movies this afternoon to catch this flick. With the lineup, I thought it would be hilarious. I was wrong. It wasn't that funny (a couple of parts) and really didn't seem to be a fit for a theatre release... If you haven't seen it, you may want to wait till it drops on DVD in a couple months, or use a free movie pass like I did.


It's been and interesting couple of weeks... now that I dont have a "day job", but things are still ok. Recently got a few gifts from a couple of special ladies in my life - some ICEE Jack Purcell's and a vintage automatic wristwatch. Simplistic & classic, yet soooo buttery. Summer essentials for sure. Thanks ladies!


Good Morning

Madlib needs to make another Quasimoto album...


LeBron x Kobe x Nike... as puppets

GREAT commercial!


New Raekwon

Its CRACK! Download Here.


Oprah x KFC

Thats right, the animal activist Oprah has struck a deal with KFC to offer the country (those with computers) free chicken. The coupon is only available for download for 24hrs (till noon on 5/6/09). Click here for the coupon: 2 peices of grilled chicken, 2 sides, & a biscuit.

Maestro Knows episode VII

Maestro Knows - Episode 7 (San Francisco) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

Well it appears that the heavy BlackScale influence it the last episode was a precursor to the subject(s) of episode 7. This week Maestro and MJ hit the streets with Mega of BlackScale and a our good friend Sean (THE Photographer), who seems to be turning up everywhere lately. Good look for all parties involved, as this episode had a more mature feel to it, compared to episodes past.


"King" LeBron James...MVP

Congratulations to the hardest working man in show business. We are all witnesses.


"I don't always drink beer..."

Shit is just funny.

What CANT this thing do!!!

I mean really, the fucking iPhone is a beast for its shear applications power. Snort your brains out without the numbness, nosebleeds, or empty pockets (or the high)!