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"From now on everything you do, you do it for the logo."


THANATOS. (you dont know jack)

In commemoration of HBO's latest epic, "You Don't Know Jack", we will be dropping an exclusive tee! Dr. Jack Kevorkian, or "Dr. Death" as he is known in some circles, has been both praised and ridiculed for his beliefs in assisted suicide for the terminally ill. He served time in prison and was released early, only after vowing never to assist in a death again. The THANATOS (demon personification of death) tee will be available in 1 colorway this Saturday at our ONLINE SHOP for the start of the HBO movie.


DPRTD spring

Thanks to all who helped/supported us.
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D-logo wool snapback.
Almost Famous. (new colorways)



In The Dark.


D Logo (3M reflective)
--Veneratio Carus Mortuus--


Words of Wisdom

“My clothes are not about fashion — it’s about timelessness. That’s how to continue to grow for 42 years. It’s about what I see and what I love. I believe in what my vision is: ageless and timeless, but contemporary. I want to be now: a new Old World.”
-Ralph Lauren


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Gil-Scott Heron

"Me and the Devil"


Required Listening

"Leftback". The last album...

DJ Chino x Hennessy "Privilege"

Our dude, DJ Chino puts it down in the bay area @ WILD 94.9fm, but has recently been moonlighting as one of Hennessey's newest brand ambassadors for its "Privilege" line congnac. Congrats to him... looks like we are gonna have to trade bottles for clothing! (fingers crossed).


Gourmet Quattro Skate.

Make Sure to CARPOOL!

classic WWII propaganda.



hanging noose

Hanging Noose necklace by Chris Habana. Available at Seven New York. Image via my latest obsession

The Fresh Fiends and Cubannie Links Introduce THE FRESCA

The lovely ladies of The Fresh Fiends and Cubannie Links teamed up to make this super limited edition bracelet appropriately named, "The Fresca" (The FRESH Bracelet). Per the press release: The bracelet boasts a large, black metal chain and hand-sewn, black lace tubing on top of gold metallic leather. In addition to Cubannie Links' signature toggle closure, The Fresca features a coordinating gold chain. Photographed by Evan Gunville, the girls once again do a superb job showing off their styling, directing, AND modeling skills. Triple threats indeed! Pre-orders are available via The Fresh Fiends online store (for $40) and all pieces will be shipped by April's end.

Inspiration 4/13

collard greens x red beans & rice.
Cause you can't do shit, without the proper fuel.

Almost There

DPRTD spring '10 is ALMOST done! Thanks for being patient.

Meister Watch Co.

If they keep bringing heat like this, they will be in good shape for years to come. The limited edition "Chief" should be available at Highpoint soon... hopefully...


The Desert Takeover



"Did you learn anything?"

Another example of the power of Nike's advertising department.


Carlos Boozer 4/6/10

Murs x 9th Wonder

Get This Album.

San Fran

Huf DBC providing the visuals, with Mayer Hawthorne on the mic. I only lived in SF for like 3 months as a small child... I dont remember anything about it, but this video and incredible song make me "homesick". Good to see Keith Huf. getting it in as well!

Gettin HIGH

Chinese dudes smokin that "poppy" after a long days work in 1800's San Francisco. Opium Dens were all the rage then.


5C x SL x VCM

Sean Lyles x Slim for 5th Column


Penny DID NOT want it with MJ right here.



Roots x Dilla

One of the better tribute projects for the late, great, J.DIlla. All instrumentals... perfect for an easy Easter Sunday.
Download HERE


Good video, great song. BUT..... where has she been hiding those buns for all this time!! Golly.

get a line-up for Jack's sake