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Happy Holidays.


Life Lessons

-- whether its a couple seasons of apparel designs, or a fishing trip story from last summer. Always remember to back that shit up (a couple of colleagues learned this the hard way this past summer...).



V.C.M. - Chris Henry

Bengals wide receiver, Chris Henry died early this morning from serious injuries suffered during a domestic dispute with this soon -to-be wife. Apparently Henry fell out of the back of a moving truck (that she was driving) and onto the road... dying later in the hospital. Sad.

(not to be funny whatsoever, but there is a trend when there are vehicles involved in domestic disputes. Tiger Woods can attest to that. So the lesson here is just stay away from cars when fighting with your girl/man. Bad things are sure to happen.)


Foreign Exchange for a Grammy!

Yep, the duo consisting of Phonte (Little Brother) and Nicolay have been nomiated for a Grammy. The nominated song "Daykeeper" was their 1st single of the album Leave It All Behind; the groups 2nd studio album. Congratulations to them and good luck on the results. Below is a video they put together outlining their beginnings and the song. PLEASE keep supporting good music!


All That Really Matters

Sometimes, all that really matters in this world is Spiderman, dinosaurs, & a good book. We forget these things as we grow up!

-photo by Scott Schuman

How Many Rappers?

Question: How many rappers do you think will be sporting these new Gucci goggles on the side of their head in their upcoming videos like its was 1995? My guess is at least 6. Blag.

"Actually Grandad, Christmas is a Pagan Holiday..."

LMAO. Merry Christmas.


Message From The King

Mighty Healthy and Boundless NY give you a quick lesson in Soul Music. Worth the listen, DEF!

Boundless NY Presents : Message From The King – DJ Teddy King For Mighty Healthy

1. Vicki Anderson – Message from the Soul Sisters EP
2. Syl Johnson – Different Strokes 7″
3. Tramps – Rubber Band UK 12″
4.Joe Williams – Get Out of My Life Women LP
5. Hodges, James, Smith & Crawford – Nobody 7″
6. Creative Source – Who is He and What is he to you 12″
7. Big John Hamilton – Big Bag John 7″
8. Ann Peebles – I can’t stand the rain 7″
9. Tom Brock – There’s Nothing In This World That Can Stop Me from loving you LP
10. Larry Young’s Fuel – Turn Off The Lights LP
11. Hamilton Bohannon – Me And The Gang 12″
12. David Porter – I’m afraid The Masquerade is over LP
13. Funk Inc. – Goodbye, So long LP
14. Rasputin’ Stash – Ooh Baby LP
15. The Moments – Sexy Mama LP
16. Syl Johnson – Is It Because I’m Black 7″
17. Bobby Bland – Ain’t No Love in The Heart of The City LP


Drippin' Like Water

Waterproof New Era 59/50. Its about fucking time!


Partners In Crime

Benny Gold x Rebel 8. Available soon at 11 boutiques globally.


Starting Them Out Young

All these little guys do is drink tons of AMP energy drink and skate... RAIN, sleet, or snow.

"Where My Fucking Homies At?"

Report: Most College Males Admit To Regularly Getting Stoked