Bull Market

Why does dude try to barricade the bull in with a shopping cart??!! LMAO

Garnett: The Gift & The Curse

As many of you bball fans know, Kevin Garnett will not be joining the Celtics on the court this playoff season in attempt to defend their NBA title. So what does the aging Power Forward do in these awkward times? Apparently KG has been giving the Chicago Bulls a run for the money, from the sideline, by yelling obscenities, giving them the gas-face, yelling "choke" to free throw shooters... the list goes on and on. So while his talents are sorely missed on the court, his other talents for talking that SHIT are coming in handy as he demoralizes and breaks down a young Bulls team. Even though the Celtics are barely winning. EH. Read more HERE


This shit seriously made my morning.
via: Kanye Blog




Check out the Maestro Knows boys rockin the fresh Black Scale tees. Great placement by Mega on that.... many a Hypebeast paying attention.

Maestro Knows - Episode 6 (Air Yeezy Skate) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.



You have now been invited by the FF, via DD. Why didn't WE get any logo placement?? WTF?!?!


Speak on, brotha!


FF x C'est La Vie

Our female friends over at the Fresh Fiends made the blog pages of C'est La Vie recently. Featuring their latest photoshoot where they are runnin around killin people and things. HA! Anyways read the feature full of great compliments and obvious truths HERE. Good Job ladies.



This his for my homie and partner in crime.........Rook here you go son, now get to work

Blog-O-Sphere Updates

With recent setbacks in my Internet game, my blogging was cut to the bare minimum, as seen here on this blog. Well now that situation is all fixed, I'm pleased to say i have rejoined the FORMAT MAGAZINE news blogging team as of tonight. Also, I have been added to the VAPORS MAGAZINE blog team... a recent responsibility handed to me with my new role as Associate Editor of Vapors Magazine. And for all the day to day shit, you can always catch me here.

Grindtime x Xpoz x Rook

Peep the interview I did with Grindtime's very own Thomas Wardlow for Xpoz Magazine. Conducted at the best spot to chill on a boring Saturday, Highpoint Shoes. Photo by S.Dot.
Turn to page 20.


New Kid Cudi mixtape. Download HERE.

Black Party


You Are Listening To... of the realest tracks ever.
"...I miss him. Long as I'm livin' he's livin' through memories. He's there to kill all my suicidal tendencies in heaven looking over me..." Real talk - no suicide here tho (this isn't a cry for help, just real shit) LMAO.


Creativity = Inspiration

Been a real long day today... bad news, not so good, lost someone close. Music will ALWAYS lift my spirits in the downtime and amplify my spirits in the goodtimes. I ran across this clip of Freddie Joachim making some beautiful music. Creativity from others inspires me for greatness. Take the time and watch a craftsman at work.

Freddie Joachim making a beat from Freddie Joachim on Vimeo.


Madden Calls It Quits

Yes its true, the man that shared his love affair with Brett Farve and made you all loose money playing his video games has announced his retirement from NFL broadcasting. Sad to see him go... take Farve with you though!

My Kind of City

Though it not really my kind of sneaker brand, PUMA is really turning heads with its new retail space made out of shipping containers. The space features 2 levels of retail area and one floor of bar/entertainment area. Very nice idea! And since it is completely mobile/shippable, this "city" is on tour right now alongside its Puma racing team as it sets sail in a race around the world. Next stop, Boston, MA.

umm, WTF?

"...what do you do guaranteed?"

Reverse Psychology

Dont Buy Asher ROth on 4-20 from Kush Robinson on Vimeo.



Still no internet at the crib... QWEST chuggs balls. Anyways, Slim and I got a recent pick-me-up by way of a friend to the north. Good lookin out... more on the way... yes its true... More news on that and more posts coming too.

My Shit Pt.2

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