J. Cole - The Warmup

Listened to this new mixtape from J. Cole with the homie Sean the other day. One of the iller mixtapes ive heard. Dude definitely has skills and is a breath of fresh air in this industry full of people rapping about Levi's, backpacks, and fitted caps. Download HERE.


"...Me Big American Man"


Veneratio Carus Mortuus

This week, we have lost 3 icons of our generation. It's strange to think about... but may they rest in peace, finally, as all 3 had medical issues that took their toll on their tired souls.

Oh. I was asked the other day exactly what "Veneratio Carus Mortuus (VCM)" means. It means Honor The Dearly Departed - in Latin.

VCM *RIP forever


Thank You, Benny

Mr. Benny Gold, the creator of our Dearly Departed logo and owner of his own brand, has just posted pics of our logo project on his website blog and Highsnobiety blog. Besides for the kind words, there is also an exclusive pic of preliminary sketches that were made throughout the project. This dude is the BUSINESS. Thanks a ton Benny, we owe you!


Much Love

I don't get down on our blog much, leave most of that for Rookie, but I wanted to give a big thank you to every one that came through Highpoint over the weekend to support DD. It was a very surreal moment to see our product on the racks and then to sell as many as we did was crazy. I also wanted to give a big thank you to all the bloggers who posted our shirts including thefreshfiends and our good friend Mega of Black Scale. You will see more blogs and websites with our shirts in the coming days as we are hitting the streets with our Lil homie Sean Lyles tomorrow to take photos. Last but not least we want to thank Benny Gold who helped make this dream come true. He is truly amazing artist but an even better dude. Thank you to all, I didn't leave you out theres just too many people who helped us in this long journey. We love you all

EDIT: I had to chime in... YEAH a huge thanks to friends and fam of DD. The impacts and contributions made by you guys have really helped in bringing this project to fruition. Many thanks. -Rook

Oh yeah by the way. We have twitter now.................fuck, I been dreading this moment lol. Follow us



As stated earlier, Highpoint Shoes in Scottsdale, AZ is the first account to carry Dearly Departed products. Our Logo shirts went on sale TODAY and are available for $28. Hurry, supplies are limited. Big thanks to Adrian, Evon, & the HP staff for making things happen so quick!

King Of Beasts

Summer has peacocks that run loose in her neighborhood. They terrorize the streets on the regular and claim anything as their own, including this corvette. BEWARE of the 'cocks! HA.


LOGOS! in asst. flavors.

Well they are finally here. Fresh of the presses is our first run of product, the Dearly Departed logo tees. If you have been paying attention, we have been quietly at work trying to iron things out, but the day is here. For this first run, Slim and I decided on classic colorways to distribute amongst industry friends, family, and fans. Hunter/Lite Grey, Maroon/Lite Grey, Black/White, Heather/Black, & Charcoal/White all made the cut. If you wanna support, they will be on sale at Highpoint this Saturday, or you can contact us by dropping a comment here for a private inquiry. Thanks to ALL that have been down since day one.


Old School Cipher

Arsenio Hall x Yo-Yo, Mc Lyte, Naughty by Nature, A Tribe Called Quest, Fu-Schnickens, CL Smooth, Guru, Das Efx, Wu Tang Clan, KRS One, & Mad Lion (lord have mercy!).



Have a good weekend.
-DD staff

We Comin'...



Downtown (colorblind)

Had to kill some time downtown while waiting to pick up my partner in crime, so I whipped out the camera for some randoms.  I must say, downtown Phoenix looks MUCH better in black & white.  

Shopping Trip

The other day, Slim and I took a little trip to do some wholesale shopping. In the end, we got what we came for, but here is a couple of pics of some hilarious shit found throughout the warehouse. Von Dutch and Girbaud Jeans ALL DAY!!!! lol.

This chick had CAKES!... and stood incredibly motionless the whole time
                                   In original packaging!

                         Netted Phoenix tank tops.  All is right in the world.

                                   The south shall rise again!!!!!
                                   2 cocks, squaring off
Peep the syringe and red coke lines!

Jordan's!  Who the fuck needs those when there is red paisley house joints like these??!!


Coldest Winter

"The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco"

*The homie Slim (middle) at last weeks Black Scale party in SF... sporting his finest AZ winter apparel! LOl.


Good Luck

LOL, UNDFTD is a fool for these. Good Luck tonight Lakers... you are gonna need it.


Mos Def(initly)

It's really good to hear Mos actually rapping again (even in Spanish for a song). The Ecstatic isnt quite out yet, but it leaked on the net... i got it... and its nice. Between this and the new Dilla, my weekend is looking really nice.

Not Just A Party, But Also A RAFFLE!

Yes, Highpoint is doing another party, this time for a midnight raffle/release of the 3rd Air Yeezy. HP always keeps things diplomatic and fair. DO NOT line up. Oh and the other day I was hanging out over there and dudes kept calling the store asking to hold pairs and all that nonsense. They are not doing that either. And for those that don't really know what a raffle is... you purchase a ticket, if your ticket number is called, then you win (in this case you get the chance to purchase the sneaker). So calm down and just attend if you are in the area. CHEERS.

Jay $tay Paid

It's finally here! The newest collection of dope beats by the late J Dilla just dropped yesterday and its an hour of FIRE. "Jay $tay Paid" was mixed by none other than Pete Rock and features the likes of Raekwon, Havoc, Diz Gibran, DOOM, Illa J, Black Thought, Frank Nitty, Lil Fame, & Blu(e). All together a nice piece to just zone out to. Pick it up.



1997 NBA Finals: Bulls vs. Jazz. This is the infamous game were Michael Jordan had the flu (no food, no sleep... just tons of vomiting) and still managed to play a 44 minute game; scoring 38 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 steals, & 1 block. A complete game leading to a 90-88 victory. Finals games like this remind me of how Hip Hop used to be. It will never feel or sound like this ever again, no matter what new people (Kobe/Lebron) come along. I hope this years Finals are good, but I dont expect ANYTHING like this.