Why is DMX in a boxing match? And WHO is Eric Martinez?? I know I wouldn't fight X, but that's just me...

Black Scale fall/winter 2009

The Black Scale team has unveiled their official lookbook for the season, and it looks good. Further additions of denim, jackets, and other accessories are all a sign of growth. See the whole thing HERE.


Have It Your Way

Nah, im good.


Last Night's Party

Thanks to all that came out to show support for a good night and a great cause. As expected, below are some flicks of party-goers and sponsor participants.


STPL has Soul

This dude has an interesting knack of taking the "mundane" and turning it into a point of interest (i.e. Airwalks, New Balance Pigeon, Nike Dunk Pigeon, Kia Soul, Levis...). Check out the STPL Design creative consulting catalogue, HERE.



Quote Of The Day

"If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worthy reading, or do things worth the writing."
- Ben Franklin

BTW, the Frank151 fitted is available now at Highpoint.



It's Goin' Down 9/24/09

Dearly Departed, together with Council Productions, The Fresh Fiends, The Blunt Club, Highpoint Shoes, & Frank 151 (and a gang of other people!) is proud to announce THE RESURRECTION. Live performances, art installs, giveaways, music, drinks... with all proceeds from this event going to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Please come out and support for a good cause.


Ghost is AWESOME

The girlies aren't that great, but it's still raw as fuck.

Michael Jordan HOF Speech

This guy put's the "G" in Gatorade. This speech really showed the people another side of Mike, a side that the media and other players always insisted on... he's kinda of a jerk. But when you are the best at what you do, I guess there is a little room for that. ESPN is showing replays of this, but his speech is cut short, so here is the full thing, in 3 parts. Congrats Michael.

Part I

Part II

Part III


Don't Quit Your Day Job

Some people are blessed with the situation of getting paid to "play". In this instance, Incase follows Paul Rodriguez for a day or two to document some of what he endures. Sure its work to him, but you can't help but think how good he has it. The old saying, "don't quit your day job" never seemed so true.

Some advice: Find something that you would love to do everyday, then find someone to pay you for doing it.


"Stay thirsty my friends"


Acapulco Gold

Had a chance to meet one of the dudes behind this brand, Geoff (dude on the right) and others on the AG team at Magic. Real cool people with a dope brand. Hypebeast just ran an interview done with them, so check it out and support (Highpoint is an exclusive Acapulco Gold retailer).

Our Homie, ROK.

Rok is a real cool dude... a big dude... a quiet dude... but real cool. Rok writes. He doesn't rap. He writes and performs spoken word... gritty poems, sometimes unstructured, to music. Not rap. Rok has a new album called "Soul Reflections", 19 tracks featuring his pen skills and his take on the things that run through his life. Rok has invited us, to invite you, to take a listen and DOWNLOAD his new album. And to celebrate this new work, a little party will be happening in the near future. Details to come soon.

Download HERE

Good Music

Levi Maestro's sidekick, BJ The Chicago Kid, drops some science with his new mixtape - The New Beginning.

Download HERE



(Google this, then watch both films.)

His Airness

Shepard Fairey for Michael Jordan, new inductee to the NBA Hall of Fame

Sign me up for a couple of these bad boys!


A little late posting this (although it is everywhere else on the net), but I thought I should post anyways. R.I.P. to a man who touched many with his art.


AVATAR... looks pretty official

Terry Richardson Has All The Fun!

Somehow, this dude manages to get all the chicks naked EVERY time! Yeah, he takes good photos, but c'mon......

Enough of the hate, good "spread". Terry Richardson for Purple Magazine.

Hand Signs

Slim's finger tatts are official, BTW. Zoom in to read the text...



Drops 9/8/09... but has leaked already if you cant wait.


Trade Show

Well, we have returned from the trade shows in one piece. Overall, it was a pretty good experience: met with tons of good people, great food, good company, and lots of new products coming out by the worlds best brands. A big thanks to all that showed Dearly Departed and Highpoint love while we were there. We didn't take too many pictures, but i think the mood of the few below sum up the long trip.

Mega gifted us with some Belvedere IX. That shit is NICE. Meister came through with the Nuvo.

Thomas "The Hipster Legend" & and Amy "Mom"

Dearly Departed in full effect. Slim and I were OVER IT at this point.

UGH..... Vegas. Why is there so much waiting in this place?

House of Wax *tonight*