Just wanted every one to know that Street Wear rap is whack

Harry And The Hendersons

This is for all you hairy back and neck muthafukas out there... GET YOUR SWERVE ON!


New Crackberry

Had this gem for about a week now. Yeah, its worth it... especially since my old Curve didnt have video capabilities, or streaming. The crisp "HD" screen on this makes watching porn on the go a snap. If you have been with T-Mobile for a while, you can easily talk them down from the $450 start price to the $180 that I copped it for. Just tell them you are gonna upgrade to an iPhone, and the T-Mobile rep will fold in a heartbeat!


Ma Dukes

If you were in the LA area tonight, you may have had the lucky chance to catch the “A Suite for Ma Dukes” show. This show, composed by Carlos NiƱo + Miguel Atwood-Ferguson features a 40-Piece Orchestra, performing 4 renditions of classic JDilla beats. If you were not lucky enough to attend, such as myself, then you can download the whole orchestral work on iTunes now! Listening to this will make you wanna break out your classic Slum Village/Tribe Called Quest/J Dilla albums, but this body of work is on a different level. Great stuff. Oh, and proceeds from the sale of this go to Dilla's mom, "Ma Dukes", who is currently fighting off her own bout of Lupus. Support.


Vimby x Benny Gold x ???

So the homie Benny Gold continues to get love from his peers. This time Vimby did a short "My Backyard" piece with the designer/skater, which features some of his day to day activities. In the video, he explains his start, shows off on the skateboard and displays some of his sketching skills... which leaves us asking: who is that new logo/project that he was working on in the video for? If you pause it and look closely, you can kinda make out the flowing script. Stay tuned i guess.



If you haven't seen this comic that was published in the New York Post the other day, take it all in. The story goes: a woman's pet chimp attacked one of her elderly friends one day, out of the blue, and ripped her face off-killing her. When the police arrived, they shot the monkey dead. In parody of this odd situation, the comic artist penned this controversial cartoon where the cops have killed the chimp while the caption reads "They'll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill". The country is torn on this one... Al Sharpton is calling for people heads... but is it a racial comment? At first glance, it appears the artist is outright referring to our black president (Obama) as a monkey- a common racial stereotype. But if you look/read further, it could mean that the artist is calling the Congress a bunch of monkeys, considering that it was the Congress (mostly whites) that wrote this 1000 page stimulus. Whatever the true intentions were, the NY Post and the artist had to of known that this would spark large debate and published it anyways. Possibly to generate more sales for a privately owned periodical. The world we live in...


The only hoodie any sensible man will EVER need. Heather Grey RL Polo joint (I obsess). And for the recession-proof price of $22. Keep the economy going by getting good shit at great prices. No more junk this year.


GT x Obey

Looks like the homie Thomas from Grindtime (far right) has caught the modeling bug. Pics for the Obey 2009 Spring/Summer collection. Keep up the good work!


Remember G-Dep??

Well... Do YOU??!! I do, and I definitely remember the "Child of the Ghetto" record that he released with Diddy. But like most ventures that Diddy embarks on, Dep got pushed to the side by the 50ft. wake of Diddy's wave of "fame". Good to see that Dep is taking another crack at it. The video is mad hood, but so is everything else nowadays.

LMAO, then I saw this interview... and it got a little clearer...

I bet you remember this one tho!

Ahh, well. Dude is a little off his game, but I hope he gets off that stuff and drops another dope album. Download his latest mixtape here.


T-mobile just released its updated Blackberry Curve 8900 for sale today. Looks pretty dope... on par with the Blackberry Bold at least. Available now for $200.


BS x HP x Hypebeast

Looks like the collaborative tshirt for the upcoming BlackScale x HighPoint All Star party made the cut for Hypebeast.  Such a good look for all contributors.  Party should be live.  Peep the tees below... read the Hypebeast thing here... and just in case you have been under a rock for a while, peep the flyer below too.  

Settling In

Just settling in for the evening... and the rest of the week before I depart for my kids 6th birthday.  The woman friend and I just got confirmation that we got the new apartment we want, so now its time to decorate.  Got the blueprint, some design mags and some random beers.  Time for a good dinner and good thoughts.  Its 2009, time to grow the fuck up! Goodnight.

Complete Gift

I got a small package in the mail yesterday from my homie Jenn "Diamond Girl" Tsang @ Complete Technique. You may have seen the short interview we did together in the last issue of Vapors. Besides for being part owner of Complete Technique, she also is a marketing wizard at Kilo International and Rocksmith... and she does some other shit on the side too. New Yorkers definitley stay on their hustle, thats for sure. Anyways, she hooked me up with this dope peice from their new collection. A black rhodium and yellow gold speaker pendant/chain; limited to 500 peices. Pretty dope, thanks so much Diamante, look forward to working with you real soon!