Smells Like Teen Spirt

As part of a five-part "art" installation at the Wagner-Partner gallery in Berlin, artist Natascha Stellmach will smoke some the the remaining ashes of Kurt Cobain. The artist claims to have acquired some of these remains of the fallen Nirvana front man and will smoke them in a private session to cap off her "Set Me Free" art show, which investigates "suicide and the power of desecration". Sounds to me like she has been smoking rocks for some time now.

Grand Opening

Ladies and gents, you have been cordially invited to the grand opening of Phoenix's newest boutique of the things we all love! Grandiose lifestyle boutique will be opening this Friday in the midst of all the normal 1st Friday events. Come join them for drinks and live music by some special guest DJ's and bring your wallets, cause they got some ill product! See you there.

Fisher Price For Adults?

Well not quite. What you see here is Kenchikuagu, the latest work from Toshihiko Suzuki Architect & Associates. This collection consists of a fold out kitchen, office, & guest bedroom, all practicing their "Architectural Furniture" mantra. My first thought was the little multi colored kitchens that little girls play with at age 4, but upon further investigation, these foldable fixtures are quite functional. Peep the intro video here.

Budget Ballin Bargains

With the stock market and world markets posting record lows lately, its important that we keep an eye on our funds. So, for me shopping must be done on a budget. I really don't like paying full price for anything anyways, no matter how good the market is. Like Slim said to me yesterday, "I was broke before and I'm gonna be broke after", aint that the truth! This past weekend was a good budget weekend for my addiction: 2 flannel tops, 1 plaid western button up, wht/blk shemagh, and orange Half Cabs... $60.


What the fuck Yo......Yo

This is one of the illest things I've seen in a minute. This kid is a fuckin G.

Party Pics

If you're into photography and want to peep some ill pics, visit www.lastnightsparty.com. There's some crazy pics & you''ll be subject to a lot of sex, drugs and rock & roll. For even better pics, be sure to pick up any of the books from Merlin Bronques. Here's a few I pulled off the website.


If you're in the Las Vegas area be sure to stop by Undefeated and pick up one of these very limited ?uestlove x Undefeated t-shirts.

Fuck The Rain

Rain makes drivers act all stupid... and it fucks up suede sneakers! So FUCK YOU RAIN! LMAO!

Buy it here.

What You Got On My 40?!

Are you sick and tired of paying a ton for a beer at the baseball game? Tired of bland, watered-down cocktails at concerts? Well then this is for YOU... if you dare. Meet the Booze Belly, a personal flask of sorts that straps around your waist and comes complete with a hose and spout. The pouch itself holds a whopping 750ml and is a snap to conceal under your shirt. Weather you smuggle Boone's Farm or Everclear, the Booze Belly has got you covered. See instructional video here.


Yes I'm addicted to tattoos as I'm sure many of you are. Over the weekend I paid the homie Brando a visit. When Brando first started tattooing me, he was working out of his boy's shop. Since then he has stepped his game up and just recently opened his own shop called Stay True Tattoo. The shop is super ill and has a nice vibe to it. It's more than just a tattoo shop, it's also an art gallery. Brando is definitely one of Arizona's best tattoo artists and has major things in the works. He was just invited to do a convention in China and will be appearing on TLC. He's a very busy dude yet finds time to fit me in. This recent session was one of the more simple tattoos I've ever recieved, but a very important one to me. If you know me then you know I grew up in Denver and I'm a huge Denver Broncos fan. I wanted to get a tattoo that represented the city I grew up in and love. I grew up going to Denver Bronco games at the historical Mile High Stadium. The stadium was recently torn down for a more modern stadium, but a piece of the historic Mile High stadium stays connected with the people of Denver. His name is "Bucky the Bronco" and he has held it down in Denver for over 35 years. Bucky is a 26 foot high bucking bronco that sits on top of the stadium for not only the fans to see but all of Denver. This is not only a symbol for the Broncos but a symbol for Denver, a city that made me the man I am today. If you want to get some fresh ink make sure you holla at Stay True Tattoo. Its located on 32nd St. & Greenway 602-788-TRUE

Peedi Whack

Im at a loss of words when it comes to this video. The shit is so terrible yet so funny. This track is supposed to be a Jay-Z diss however the only person getting clowned in this video is Peedi Crakk. I could go on and on about this video but Ill just let you watch it yourself. I can't front, I fuck with some of Peedi Crakk's music but this shit takes the cake.




A couple of weeks ago at the Sotheby's Damien Hurst auction, this "unicorn" was spotted parked on the curb outside. Yes, what you are looking at is a Ferrari 456 station wagon. Aparrently this a an extremely rare car that was custom built for the Sultanate of Brunei for a reported 1.5 million dollars a piece back in '96. How rare you ask? 7 were built, the Sultanate owns 6. ILL!!

World, Meet Clive

As some of you know, I am a budding freelance writer for a couple of magazines. One of these is and online publication called Format Magazine. At Format, we try to cover the goings on in the Art, Sneaker, Fashion & Music worlds. Well now apparently we have a mascot! World, meet Clive, the official mascot of Format Magazine. According to reports, Clive enjoys double-riding bicycles, collecting buttons, non-chalantly striking poses, and brunch. So all you single ladies out there, get your game face on. Only a couple of these exist at the moment, but a big batch of plushes should be dropping soon. Keep you posted.


Fuck The Cameras

Dude, seriously these traffic and speed cameras are a real bitch. As if it isn't enough work trying to duck the cops that hide out in the shadows with their radar guns and shit. NOW, the good ole state of Arizona (home) has become the first state to to implement a statewide photo-radar system. So far, this program is calling for 100 more stationary and mobile cameras throughout the state (read here). FUCK THAT!

On the reals though, a good ole store called Spy Headquarters carries this spray-on product called "Photo Blocker" that is supposed to save you from costly fines and unjust pictures (Kanye should have tried spraying the paparazzi with this). I tried getting a bottle today, but they were sold out! UGH. Anyways you can purchase the product online here, if you don't wanna make the journey. Fight the power!

I Heart New York

Look closely...
What you see here is the latest work by Typographic artist Oded Ezer. This amped up "I heart NY" poster features a 3D sculptural technique, developed on a previous project. Nice work, if I do say so myself. Check out his website and photo blog here.


On this day

On Sept. 26, 1960, the first televised debate between presidential candidates took place in Chicago as Republican Richard M. Nixon and Democrat John F. Kennedy squared off.

Bargin Bin Inspiration

Being creative is pretty hard to do sometimes, so surrounding myself with possible inspiration is a must at all times. This past week I did so on a budget. Quasimoto "The Unseen" album for $7 at F.Y.E. Ummm, this album is the TRUTH! Its old, but oh so good. Quasimoto/Madlib made a 24 track gem with this one, and best of all, it comes with and insturmental CD as well to just zone out to.

Reservoir Dogs in the $5 DVD bin. Quentin Tarantino, Harvey Keitel, Steve Buscemi... the list is deep. The movie is crazy. All in all a very good $12 investment for these two fountains of thought. Check em out if you havent, revisit if you have.

New York Times

It seems as if everyday skateboarding and/or "street wear" get's bigger and bigger. This morning the New York Times reported on skate shoes in the style section. The HYPE continues feeding the BEAST. Peep the entire article here


If you missed out on the previouse 2 releases of the HHH from Hall of Fame dont sleep they wont last long. Release this Sat at Hall of Fame. If you don't know where it is, sucks for you, step your fitted game up son hahaha


Before and After



Big up to the homie Mega for sending me these ill t'shirts and hoodie. If you dont know about Black Scale ur sleepin. Shits fire son. black-scale.com

Notorious 2009 Movie Trailer

Hopefully the movie turns out better then the trailer. All the shit from the trailer is shit everyone has already seen from B.I.G. The dude who plays Biggie looks freakishly just like him.

DJ Babu feat. M.O.P.

Just the other day this came to my attention from the homie M2. Its a song off the new DJ Babu album titled Duck Season vol. 3. Ironically enough the song is titled Dearly Departed featuring the one and only M.O.P. We have something exciting in the works with this song but your gonna have to stay tuned, cant let the cat out of the bag just yet. You're actually listening to it right now if you have your computer turned up so turn that shit up.

Introduction Part 2

I am writing this while laid up eating an ice cream cone on my girl's couch so sorry for any mistakes. Anyway, by now you know my names Slim, one half of Dearly Departed. Not gonna go into too much detail on DD since Rook touched based on it. Just be on the lookout for big things. Rook also showed you a picture of his workplace, so I thought I would do the same. Rook being the more responsible of us, has a pretty good job...meanwhile I hold down two to make ends meet. However, call either of us and see who is having more fun. I don't like day to day routine and that's why I like what I do. No day is ever the same. My main job is at Power 98.3, where I've held it down for awhile now. My other job is at Highpoint, a premiere sneaker boutique in Scottsdale, Az (480-949-0500).

So with that being said, nice to meet you, have a nice day and fuck off.

Veneratio Carus Mortus (step your latin game up)

On this day...

On Sept. 25, 1957, with 300 United States Army troops standing guard, nine black children were escorted to Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, days after unruly white crowds had forced them to withdraw.

Sylvia Ji

Crazy steez! Someone, please do the first pic for Halloween! Click here for more

B.G., back at it again

The homie Benny Gold is back at it again! Just last week he did the redesign of Highsnobiety's logo and now this logo/badge for Mash SF x Cinelli bikes. BG is pretty heavy in the fixed gear world and rolls with the Mash crew frequently, so it was only natural that they commission him, yet again, to do the badge for their frame collaboration with Cinelli. Oh, and for those that missed out, peep the Vapors Magazine interview I did with BG for last months sneaker issue. Download the magazine for free here.

From the portfolio of Caspar Schmitz

In collaboration with another fellow by the name of Ralph Ludwig, the two designers have created this very unique table. Functioning like a umbrella, the table starts off in an upright position. Then the actual table top flowers out, like an umbrella, and viola! You have lift off. DOPE concept and way to push the envelope.

Caspar Schmitz's occupation is an Industrial Designer. These types are responsible for designing products that make the world go around. Cars, tables, sneakers... they do it all. I myself have been contemplating going back to school to study Industrial Design and it is products like this that make me wanna shell out 100k for tuition.


Design Of The Day

Today, all the rage is how to save the Earth. Most people do it for all the wrong reasons, such as tax breaks, but for some the intent is genuine. Verterra has you you green type covered with their unique take on "stone wear". This company produces plates, bowls, cups, & serving dishes completely out of fallen leaves. They boast that all their products are microwave, oven & dishwasher safe, reusable, and 100% compostable. Very dope design and good for the planet.

Hands Up

Killen 'Em.

Ladies and gents, the Tmobile G1. Goodbye iPhone, Blackberry, & Sidekick! Supposedly, the Google Android operating system that powers this giant is gonna usher in the next generation in smartphones. Free Gmail (no data plan required), slide out QWERTY, and a class leading touch screen makes this tops on my wish list. But like most new phones, it prolly will never hit the states, and Tmobile will just pawn off another bullshit wannabe. Eh.


OK! Well it looks like we are off and running. I would like to now take the time and introduce myself. My name is Rook. I am one-half of Dearly Departed. For those who do not know, Dearly Departed or "DD" for short, is an up and coming clothing label. My partner Slim and I thought we had a cool idea for clothes, so we embarked on a journey. As of now we are still in the development phase of the brand, but stay tuned for many good things to come. Until then, on the blog you will be bombarded by us on our day to day and things that we think are cool. Expect lots of pics, videos, products, sneakers, apparel... just lots of shit.

Above is a pic of my work space. Its messy. I like Post-Its. So the fuck what!? Those two screens and all the shit around it helped to spawn Dearly Departed. And will produce most of my blog posts, so there! I expect Slim will introduce himself later, so stay tuned for that. And with all that said, it was good to "meet" you and welcome to the show.

Hello, Brave New World!