Mosley Tribes x Sean Lyles

Our homie, Sean Lyles, usually spends his time taking pictures for clients, but this time around it was he that was being photographed. Sean has managed to be featured as one of the new faces of Mosley Tribes. Their Resort Collection definitely looks fire... I think I'm gonna have to get contacts just to rock some of these! Congrats, fella!


remembered or revamped.

Personal Urn. The top of the head comes off (that's where your ashes are dumped). You now can be anyone you want in the afterlife, that is, if you DIDN'T like the ugly mug God gave you. I'm having mine modeled after Beyonce.
Become immortal HERE


curiouser and curiouser

After typing in the wrong address to one of my favourite blog sites, I stumbled upon this: A website that sells curious goods that are made into collages then encased in shadow boxes. Some of the pieces are over the top, but definitely collector's items, if this is your cup of tea. It is MINE. 


jonathan adler banana bud vase

*image via shelterrific

I prefer the black one. Housewarming gift?

the ice storm revisited

I finally watched The Ice Storm from beginning to end last night. Yes, twelve years later. Weird and amazing. Wardrobe and furnishings are more than desirable and everyone's boozing, pilling, and fucking each other. Definitely a must see.



Dope new tee from HUF. Dedicated to ALL the lurkers out there. Available at Highpoint.

Listen... this track. It's Jay's song, but Rihanna and Kanye KILL it!

isn't she lovely

I was able to get my hands on one for my new digs. Get yours HERE



ask, and ye shall receive

Stainless Steel Flask (engraving available) $198 HERE

hotel californina

Maison 140...STEP INSIDE


Ill shot from our photo shoot, engineered by Lamar Langston and Sean Lyles. Maybe we will post the full shoot on the blog sometime... or not...

5th Column

5th Column unveiled a couple of look book photos last week. This particular one stood out. Not my cup of tea considering I have a child, but dope nonetheless (LOL)! Check them out HERE.


memorial ring

The photo of the deceased goes inside the tiny window. Pretty cool. It looks like it's made of bone. Maybe it is?


Celebrate Bitches

No occasion, just a cool photo.


Working And Stuff

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Slim and I have been working away at new stuff for the DD brand. Things are definitely looking promising and we are very excited to be in the position we are in. We will slowly be leaking news of new events and new drops as we see fit. Speaking of which, if you missed out on the first drop of logo tees, you are in luck. Highpoint will be stocked again with more inventory and a new colorway. Check it out and thanks for the support.