Scion Art Show in Phoenix

The Installation Five: Scion Art Tour, is making its next stop in our beloved Phoenix pretty soon. The exhibit opens its doors on 2/6/09 at Perihileon Arts and it will features some pretty notable names in the urban/street art worlds. Blek Le Rat, David Choe, Ron English, A.J. Fosik & many others will be showing, while Kofie & Skypage will be there live. Should be a good event, show out so more cool things visit the valley.


A Milli, A Milli...

Chris Hornbecker's "1 Millimeter A Day" photography project came to a close a couple of days of ago. For those of you unfamiliar, Hornbecker's project was a sort of photo diary where he took 1 picture a day, extending his zoom lens 1 millimeter each day from 14mm to 400mm. The project yielded great photos of everyday objects that are seen each day. Here are a couple of photos, check them all here.

"Martin Louis The King, jr."

This guy rides a fine line between ridiculous and off the chain! LOL, the new nickname is bananas tho.

A message from kwest on Vimeo.

Dear Mr. President,

art by NeckFace



Jay-Z, Live at the Obama inauguration ball


A Love Supreme


Photo from the new LaMJC "yearbook": All Gone, the finest of streetwear 2008.


Durex Condoms

W O W!!! Genius.

Victory CORE concept

I'm not the biggest fan of motorbikes, but this shit is too fuckin ill. The CORE bike concept by Victory was just unveiled last week and is gaining much attention from all walks of life. The design is unreal, the engine is huge... what more do you need (maybe side mirrors...)? This might hit production in 2016 or so, if our economy dosnt totally collapse.

On This Day

Its Martin Luther King Day, that's what's on this day... Duh. Here are a few facts on MLK day and our "beloved" state of Arizona.

1987- Arizona governor Evan Mecham rescinds MLK Day as his first act in office, setting off a boycott of the state.
1991- The NFL moves the 1993 Super Bowl site from Phoenix, Ariz., to Pasadena, Calif., because of the MLK Day boycott.
1992- Arizona citizens vote to enact MLK Day. The Super Bowl is held in Tempe, Ariz. in 1996.

Good Job Arizona! R.I.P. Dr. MLK. Good Luck Mr. Obama.


Alright, so you have probably already seen this on Hypebeast, but it was just tooo fucking funny not to re-post on VCM. Kobe is a fool for this one.

BG Shows Love to HP

SF's golden boy, Benny Gold recently showed HighPoint some love on his blog. Benny periodically gives a shout out to his friends and account holders across the globe. Read the blurb here.


Cardinals x Superbowl???!!!

Congrats are in order for the NFC Champion Arizona Cardinals, who are on their way to the Superbowl. Well played gentlemen, well played... Oh and a special congrats to HighPoint's own Adrian Wilson (7 tackles, forced fumble).

Chuck Norris Fact #2

"There is no 'ctrl' button on Chuck Norris' computer. Chuck Norris is always in control."

More facts here.


Agenda Party

Posse Up??


Sick of seeing this yet? We aren't.


Squint to read it...


To The Core

Hard apple cider (fermented apple juice to an alcoholic state) that is triple distilled then diluted with water... hmmm, sounds like Core apple vodka might actually taste pretty good. Good luck getting any though. Produced in VERY small batches and distributed back east. They always get all the fun. GREAT bottle design though.

Chill Out...

...and listen to some Dilla.


Chrysler 200c Concept

The Detroit Auto show began this week, and so far, one of the clear stand outs was this whip from Chrysler Motors.  The 200c concept vehicle is a gas-sipping electric hybrid that is nice on the outside, but its what the car does inside that really takes the cake.  The 200c comes equipped with networking capabilities that could wirelessly connect drivers with friends in other cars.  It can also interact with Facebook and Twitter, and allow passengers to surf the web or scroll through media libraries.  More fucking technology...!


Estevan Oriol's famous "LA Hands" can now be pined over in the form of a skateboard deck. I couldn't imagine anyone actually skating on it, but it mos def makes a good addition to you living room walls. Buy it here for $80.

Let Go my LEGO!

Damn, even boobies look great in LEGO form...

Mad World

The name of the game is "Mad World", and this Wii exclusive (made by SEGA) looks to be the shit! Its kinda like Sin City... but... well, just watch the trailer. Uber DOPE.


Holy Technology, Sony!

The rate of which technology advances is fast... FUCKING FAST! Just unveiled at the CES show was the Sony Cybershot DSC-G3. A fully capable camera that boasts a built in Internet browser and wi-fi. So now you can upload any picture or video directly from the camera on the fly, via an AT&T hotspot, to sites like Blogger, Picassa, and You Tube. I imagine you can check your email, purchase plane tix, and watch porn from it too! Fucking technology man... its GREAT.




Happy Birthday Homie. -VCM


Coming Soon...



HP, you had better be on Nike's list to get these in stock...



Holy Trinity

If you know me, I LOVE snack foods. Friday's I tend to "let my hair down" and indulge in some the best. Today: Hostess chocolate cupcakes, Poore Bro's Jalapeno chips, & Sanpellegrino Limonata. PLEASE don't sleep on the Limonata. This stuff is CRACK!

Chair Of The Day

"Magic" chair designed by Dripta Roy for Puur Design Studio. Four chairs, in one space-saving, yet stylish package.