Can't fuckin wait

On Nov. 25th The Layover EP drops from the one and only Evidence. Evidence is definately one of my favorite MC's. He just got done shooting 5 videos in 6 days, dude is on the grind. Make sure you support good music and buy this shit instead of downloading it for free. The cd also comes with a dvd so get your fuckin ass to the music store on Nov. 25th


Protect your investment

Well a sandwich really isn't much of an investment, but its rather annoying when people at your job steal you lunch. So to prevent it next time, wrap your joint in this protective baggie that makes your delectable sandwich look like its old and moldy. Just pray that someone doesn't throw it out instead of eat it. From the portfolio of Sherwood Forlee.Oh, and check out these jars that he came up with. They feature a removable lid on each end so that you when the supply gets low, just turn that bad boy over and scrape the last of the goodies. Or just loosen the end and watch your homie spill jelly all over his kicks. Either way...

Got Juice?

It's kinda long, but pretty funny... well I laughed at least. Get your creative juices up!


Is That Buckshot?

I don't think we at DD have ever posted anything on an entire line, but when I was doing a Format post earlier, I ran across this line out of Brooklyn. Its called Winiche & Co. and I must say they really are on to something. The line as a whole reminds me of when cats all dress like a Black Moon video, but a little more neater. Maybe I'm just a sucker for camo and button ups, but I really like this shit. Peep the entire line here.

SALE, Bitches!


Have A Seat

The Throne Of Weapons by artist Cristovao Canhavato is comprised of decommissioned weapons dating back from 1992 to the present. The "arm" of choice is the AK-47 (of course) but there are some other gems in the mix as well. This chair was made for the Transforming Arms into Tools project, where people that were participating in Mozambique's civil war trade their guns in for agricultural, domestic and construction tools.


Its All In The Packaging

I'm sure you have probably seen this belt on the High Snob already, but my purpose is not to point out this belt. I wanted to just show my approval (like it really matters) on the packaging. The belt is kinda blah (RL does it better), but the custom wood-burned boxes really pick up the slack. In this world of artificial-ness and aesthetic, packaging truly is everything and its good to see streetwear brands embracing that principal.

Vapors #50

Be sure to check out the newest issue of Vapors Magazine online @ Issue 50 features the cover art of legendary Futura 2000, a short interview that I did with my homie - Diamond Girl, & just some all around dope reading. I am a little salty that they pushed back a very big interview I did with a streetwear giant. Ah well, I guess it will have to wait till next issue. Till then, happy reading!


And Another 1

It may seem like I post a lot about what I feel is good music however I do it so people can open their minds and explore what's not known. Im a hip hop head and in these days its hard to find good, true hip hop. A lot of people say "hip hop is dead" but those are the dumb asses who only listen to the radio and watch BET. These are the same people who confuse rap and hip hop. You may not know it but the 2 are completely different. Don't get me wrong I do listen to both however Ill take a good hip hop album over a rap album any day. If your still confused let me give you an example. Rap, Lil Wayne. Hip Hop, Emilio Rojas. If you don't know who Emilio Rojas is peep game. This NYC breed MC is super ill with it and I truly enjoy listening to his music. This track is titled "That Time"

Its Our Anniversary

On Nov.7 we will be having our 1st bday at HighPoint. Be sure to get your ass out to this event cause we have big things in store. Not only are the cocktails going to be flowing but we will be releasing some major shit. Can anyone say HUF?? Thats right folks, HUF. We are lucky enough to be one of the very few stores in the country to have a HUF account (Mega, good lookin fam). Not only HUF but many other ill brands are going to be released on this wonderful evening. Unfortunately I will be running around the store getting sizes of kicks and clothes for people and not able to enjoy the festivities like everyone else however I am more than happy to be apart of the HighPoint family. If you don't know about our store yet don't worry, you will. We have an amazing store and major shit in the works.



So if you are like me, then your are always in need of some sort of tool. Something, anything to clean out your fingernails, cut off a stray thread, open a bottle or two... Well this looks like something that's right up my alley. Made by Head Porter Plus, this utility "key" packs a punch by offering a bunch of sharp random objects and hiding it in an airport-friendly package. If only this little thing didn't cost $50!!

Protect Ya Neck

Yo, so one of the homies got his shit snatched recently. I don't know the full story, but I do know that someone out there is a dickface and has some of his good shit. So do like he did, and like I plan on doin... get that renters insurance! The economy sucks, so the crime rate goes up. Its simple math, so do yourself a favor and protect ya neck!




Triple Threat

Shit. Wash your ass. Wash your hands.
Moss ceramics bathroom concept by Axa.

Mr. Brainwash x Election '08 x Warhol

Street artist, Mr. Brainwash hits LA with this piece depicting our nations future... in a "Warhol"-like steez. They look good as blonds.

Rome Never Fell

The End for Ed Fardy?

According to Women's Wear Daily, Christian Audigier, designer of now defunct brands such as Von Dutch and NOW Ed Hardy, is planning to sell his company. The French fad master is in talks with private equity firms, apparel manufacturers, and European firms about buying the business. Sounds like a desparate plan to jump ship, if you ask me. This is living proof of what overexposure can do. RIP Ed Fardy. For the entire article, visit

Love Kills do sparkly clothes, apparently.


Good People

Today I stopped by HighPoint on my day off, as I usually do. As I walked in, I saw Thomas chillin, shooting the shit with some dude. I was then introduced to him and his son. This was not your typical dude, nor was it the typical person that stops by the store. He found out about HighPoint via one of his buddies visiting from out of town. When it came down to it, we knew a bunch of the same people and had tons in common. He gave off the dopest vibe and was just a super down to earth person who didn't just sit and blow smoke up our ass. He's long time friends with Rob Dyrdek along with some other well known people in this lifestyle and culture. He's into Formula Drift cars big time as well as drinking beer, he brews it himself. His son was all over the place but a super cool kid who likes to play with scissors and sneakers. He has a dope blog site where he writes for Fatlace. Be sure to check it out at I can't get over how nice and refreshing it was to meet someone like this out here in Phoenix. Oh yeah, he's also a reverend or as he calls himself, "Rev Rod". That was the last thing I was expecting him to say, but this dude does it all. I'm happy to welcome this dude, his son, and his family to the Dearly Departed family. Hopefully we will be able to work together sometime soon and make big things happen out here in the desert. With all said, I introduce you to Jarod and Parker.

Jarod and Friend Travis Barker



Alright kids, I wish you all would put away the Lil Wayne music along with all the other bullshit you hear. Pick up something with substance and listen to a real lyricist. There is so much good music out there that you will never know about unless you stop watching t.v. This kid right here is down right ill with it. Termanology recently released Politics as Usual and please believe it has some bangers. With much of the album produced by legend DJ Premier, it has to be a solid album. For you youngstas who don't know Primo, do your homework. This track right here is also featuring another legend in the game, Bun B. Hope you enjoy

Seeing Red

Hands down the best all-red sneaker since the Supreme "Gucci" Blazers. Peep the buffalo check lookin laces. Fire.

Barack Hussein

They say a picture can speak a thousand words....

... Yes Mr. Obama, you still have to debate tonight. See you there!

Dearly, Departed, & Denim

Here at Dearly Departed, we love denim. Its functional, relaxing, and always looks great. We also love a good deal, so when I stumble across this, I thought I would share. The GAP has always had some good product, but they also carry Selvedge Denim! On the GAP website, it says that this Rinsed Selvedge variety is a limited edition, so if you're game, act now. Japanese denim, from a great brand like GAP... for $80.


Today I Didn't Even Have To Use My AK...

The next time you wanna kill yourself by drinking a whiskey on the rocks, up the ante with some killer ice cubes. Yes you got it, this is an ice cube tray, shaped like an AK-47 magazine, that spits out ice bullets! Drop them in your favorite rocks glass, fill with Grey Goose, garnish with lime. Just be careful not to swallow them... they might actually kill you before the liquor does. Buy it here.

What The Braille?

I used to fix watches not too long ago, but I have never seen anything like this. The Haptica is an award winning timepiece designed by David Chavez , that displays time in Braille. Users would just have to get used to military time and, Bingo-Bango! This beats the hell out of a G-Shock.

The Screen Is GLASS, Yo!!!



Get Your Sports Gear Up

So I guess I have been sleeping, cause apparently Chanel has done this off and on for a couple of years. The world renown fashion house makes sports gear yo! I can just see Kanye now in his next video riding the jet-black Chanel bike ($12,000), or whipping out the Chanel fishing set ($18,000), in testament to the world of what HE can do and WE can't... yet! Still dope stuff and a wonderful display of true brand development.


Grown Up Gifts

A big thanks to all that participated in my 27th birthday this weekend. Lots of laughs with the fam. Anyways, here is a pic of some of the presents I got. LOL, as you can see, when you get older the presents transform from frivolous to functional . Once again, thank you: Mom for the grill pan (look out seared garlic chikin); Bro for the chefs knives; Babes for the Tom Ford cologne, DVD, and Apple G.C.; and Summer/Slim for the card of the naked dude rocking the sneakers that you copped for me (coming soon)! LMAO.

Mike Giant @ White Walls

Mike Giant is huge. Most of his work looks like it's done in sharpie, but its dope stuff nonetheless. If you're in SF, peep the exhibit at White Walls or get a preview here.

No Traffic

Have you ever sat in a massive traffic jam and just wish you could fly over all the ruckus? Well now your dream is closer to fruition. The Terrafugia Transition is the latest and realest vision of the elusive flying car. Flight tests are still pending, but over 40 people have shelled out deposits for this $194,000 "vehicle". I just wonder if the normal DUI laws have any jurisdiction on this. HA.


Holy Shit


Happy Birfday to my partner in crime. His bday was actually yesterday but fuck it, better late than never. Who is it you ask???

No its not Goofy's bday.............Its Rook's HAHAHAHA Happy Birthday my ninja


Diamond Heist Thursday


Im soooooo fucking tired of seeing Obama t-shirts. Why does every company street wear or not have to have an Obama shirt. Granted Im happy that people are getting this involved in the upcomming election but fuck. I hope and prey that after the election is over people put the shirts to rest. However, I did happen to see one of these Obama shirts thats decent and much more creative than the rest. Its made by the homies over at Akomplice. Oh yeah for all you cool guys who bought an Obama shirt remeber NOT to wear them when you go vote because they will tell your ass to turn around and go home, it's considered campaining.



For all you 80's baby's who love rockin 1, 2, 3 or 4 fingured rings. Peep You can buy pre made rings that are carved from wood or you can custom order one to fit your swag.


So it's Wednesday night and I am finally fully recovered from the weekend. On Friday night we attended the grand opening party for Grandiose. It was a good time and the store is ill. The keg beer was strong and I was fucked up before we left and headed to our next destination. We then went over to Stoudemires to kick it with the homie Joey Boy and everything is pretty much a blur from there on out. I know on the way home we stopped to eat, I also know that I paced around the house for about 30 minutes before deciding to lay in the bottom of the tub while the hot water from the shower poured on me (something I do when i get super drunk lol, dont ask). I then went outside to get something from the car, I think, and puked all over the street LMAO!! Not long after I passed out on the bathroom floor and the rest is history. Needless to say I woke up with the illest hang over and had to go to work for about 8 hours, not fun. Went straight from HighPoint to the club where I had to run a live broadcast for the radio station and then did it all over on Sunday. Big shout out to Rook, The Fresh Fiends, Grandiose and Joey Boy.

Rook and My ruka

Thats a ciggarette lol

And thats also ciggarette smoke


I have lived in Arizona for about 6 years now and I have never encountered this 1 before. My girl and I went into the backyard to smoke and as I was sitting down she yells "watch out" I almost sat on this leaf, alien, bug or whatever the fuck you want to call it. This thing was crazy and I have no clue what it was but it looked like it would fuck you up.

Start Your Year Off Right

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Sean C. for LV

Sean Connery is a fuckin G! And so is that LV bag.