A Black Scale Short Film...

...starring our homie, Sean Lyles.
Black Scale spring/summer 2011 will only be available at select accounts.


2 Favorite Tracks Off The New Slum

-off the new Slum Village album "Villa Manifesto" (new Dilla beat...)
R.I.P. Dilla & Baatin


Gilbert Forte'

Up and coming emcee, Gilbert Forte' recently got with the fam over at Ces't La Vie for a quick interview. Check out his thoughtful wardrobe choice. Good looks.

And if you are in Philly this Thursday, drop in on the listening party.

GKY has come, and gone...

From our tattoo artist, to our photographer & everyone else between. This is a sample of the inner workings of Dearly Departed. Thank you all for making this event one for the books. Time to get started on the next project.

EDIT: Check out these other sites for even more perspective....

the co-conspirers of this collaboration: Jason (5th Column); Slim & Myself (DPRTD)

Thanks to everyone that came in from out of town to show support!



GKY Preview

My Favorite

NEW Barbara Kruger book by Rizzoli. HERE.