Yes yes yall, it's finally in and it's not going to last long. We will be releasing Black Scale this Friday on Black Friday. Shits fire so be sure you come in early cause it'll be gone quick. Heres just a a few pics of the goods.


Imminent Utopia Exhibit

It's things like this that make me wish I still was in NYC. The Imminent Utopia Exhibit by Kris Kuski opened yesterday at the Joshua Liner Gallery NYC. The theme is very dark as "the resulting works create a three dimensional visual metaphor of the human condition, where religion and morality come face to face with violence and war, and the histories of civilizations past clash with chaotic visions of a post-apocalyptic future". The collages are masters of mixed media, including: model kits, toy soldiers, plastic animals, & action figures. DOPE. x MeLo-X ... FUTURAMA mixtape

Mixtapes are fun and this one is no exception. Format Magazine and MeLo-X have put together this mixtape, titled "FUTURAMA", and it features some the next generation of M.C.'s. Artists that made the cut, but isn't limited to are: Cool Kids, Asher Roth,88 Keys, Pacific Division, Diz Gabran, Dom Kennedy, UNI... I haven't had the chance to listen to it yet (don't tell my editor), but the lineup is strong, so it shouldn't disappoint. Download it here.

XPOZ concert

After a short hiatus, I am back in the writers chair for Xpoz Magazine. Be on the lookout for new updates and issues, coming soon. Till then, hit up the concert and stunt... like its a habit (get it...?)





Love Unites

So as you may have heard, many rallies across the country have been popping up in support of overturning the outcome of California's Pro 8... banning gay marriages. I say, if anyone want to subject themselves to the agonizing union of marriage, HAVE AT IT, gay or straight! Anyways, Shepard Fairey (the owner/artist of Obey & the dude who started the whole Obama poster craze) has cooked up this beauty in support of this weekends Prop 8 rally in Hollywood. As Fairey so eloquently puts it "Anyone who believes in equality and human dignity should be appalled that Prop. 8 passed", so if you are in the area, show some support. If not, try to get your hands on this limited poster (450 made) for $50. Did you know that in California they voted to make the chicken coops larger for more "humane" reasons, but voted against gay marriage!!?? WTF.


That's right folks, these papers right here mean the Rookie is going back to school to get some higher learning! Only 7 years till I get that degree! Edumacation is a good thing. (Blurred picture via Blackberry. "Militerry" poster by Obey)



Much love to for spotlighting HighPoint. I told yall we were on the come up and its not gonna stop. Big things to come


So I think I found my Xmas gift to myself unless a special someone I know wants to buy it for me (wink wink you know who you are). It releases this SATURDAY (11/22/08) AT HUF SF however if your as lucky as I am you can order one through the store you work for LOL. I love winter clothes so this is a definite kop for me. I know this is Arizona and wont get as much use out of it but that just means it'll stay crispy for much longer.

M2 will pump you up

The homie M2 sent this pic to me today for an upcoming event were having (details coming soon). It started off as a joke but we might actually use it cause the shit is just that fucking funny.


Im not a huge fan of the whole BBC, Ice Cream and Bape thing however I do respect it. I just cant come to grips and pull $85 out for a fitted or $90 for a t-shirt, shit just doesn't make sense to me. I am however a huge fan of the Clipse and the projects they are working on. Now Im sure Play Clothes is going to have the same touch as the previous stated brands Im just hoping its a little more affordable. Play Clothes logo is fire and so is the packaging. If you have yet to see it heres a little taste.

We will be getting Play Clothes in very very soon at HighPoint so be on the look out for that. Commonwealth is also having a launch party this Saturday the 21st with The Clipse in the building............Damn I wish I was in Virginia.


I need a new bag. Been looking for something super high quality to house my upcoming MacBook in... then came Inujirushi. Made in a small city in Japan of high quality sail cloth and vegetable tanned leather. Unlike a lot of things I've seen thus far... and I want it. Anyone out there with some people in Japan that can get this for me, get at me! Till then, peep some of the hot shit here.

Fila 96

Am I wrong for liking these?! The best shoes Fila ever put out, I.M.O.... '95-'96 was a good year.

So Fast?

LOL, no the war in Iraq isn't over, but this spoof of a newspaper, taking on the form of the NY Times is wishful in its thoughts. The paper was designed and produced by The Yes Men group... a group of individuals that are spreading the word on shitty global events. This paper took 6 months to produce this 14 page periodical and a reported 1.2 million copies were handed out by volunteers in the cities of NYC and LA. Well done, now we just need the real thing. -Taken from Jeff Staples blog.


Hit up the bookstore today in search of the latest Vapors magazine to buy (that's right, I usually have to buy my copies of the mag I write for). Anyways, no Vapors, but I did pick up the last issue of Flaunt Magazine (new issue isn't on newsstands yet). Full to the brim of cool articles and design for all those that seek truth. The covers are pretty dope too. Also copped a new Moleskine notebook. These are great! The paper quality is very nice (made in Italy) and is available in many sizes/varieties. I copped the full sized w/grid lines (to accompany my pocket size w/grids). The grids help me and my sketches stay symmetrical and clean looking (tip of the day). Thank God for Borders.

C&C Black Friday


Bamboo Kickflip

We all have to play our part in going green nowadays. Utilizing sustainable materials is all the rage and is now popping up at your local skate shop. The deck seen here is constructed of 100% bamboo. The company that makes it boasts that the decks are stronger than the ordinary Maple decks. In fact, sources say that skateboards have replaced furniture as the leading cause of Maple deforestation. If you skate, do your part and cop one of these next time. With a higher density and hardness, it may just put you above Ryan Sheckler as MTV's next skate douche-bag.


Fight The Power

Angry activists in Tucson, AZ have been placing life-sized cutouts of Sheriff Joe (America's "toughest" sheriff), his evil henchmen, and Mexican immigrants along the side of the road and at intersections. As you can tell, the cutouts clearly show some hostility on the views and opinions that many feel about this controversial subject. This is yet another public complaint on this douche that AZ keep re-electing. Ugh.


One of the better Obama street pieces I've seen. Artist unknown.



A new type of McDonald's has emerged in the streets of Japan. This "unbranded" version is just a storefront in black/red/white with a sign that reads "Quarter Pounder". Apparently this new stripped down version only serves 2 things on its menu: the Quarter Pounder w/cheese & the Double Quarter Pounder w/cheese (i think they still have fries and drinks). The rest of the specs are hazy, as I don't read Japanese, but I wouldn't be surprised to see these pop up stateside in the near future...


Head Gear

If you know me than you know Im obsessed with hats of all kinds. There's rarely ever a time you'll catch me with out a fitted, beenie, fedora, paper boy or any hat. I am constantly getting hats so thought I'd share some of the new buttah with you.

As soon as we got our HUF fitteds in at the store I knew exactly which one I was gonna get.......

I got home yesterday and there was a package awaiting my arrival. The best part about it was that it was totally unexpected and I got plugged from the homies at Diamond Supply Co. These beenies are ill. Great quality and great fit, don't sleep too long or they will be gone

Last but not least I stopped by Grandiose today and chopped it up with the homie Nelson for a little bit. He gave me a koo discount on this Frank 151 fitted plus he plugged me with 4 of the Frank 151 books. Wait till you see what Nelson has holding for me till Friday...........BUTTAH. Good lookin son. Be sure to check out Grandiose its a ill store.


DunkXChange is coming to Phoenix for the first time this Saturday November 15. Hope everyone comes out to support this event so that we start getting cooler shit to come to PHX on a regular basis. Come sell, buy or trade some shit and enjoy live music.

Thank You

I know its a few days late, I haven't had 2 seconds to myself since, but I wanted to thank everyone who came out to the HighPoint 1 Year Anniversary Party. It was mos def a good time and a great turn out. We were busy as hell with around 200+ people in the building. There have been a couple people hating on other sites but lets be serious fellas, you know it was crackin. Don't be mad at us because you were standing in the corner with a bootleg Ice Cream shirt drooling over the real shit on the racks. Don't hate us cause we have some of the best brands in the game. Don't despise us cause you cant get our selection of sneakers at your favorite Finish Line. Most of all don't take your anger out on an amaizng store because you couldn't get a job there. If you really knew anything you would have recognized an epic night for the culture in Phoenix that night. Its all love though, come back Ill give you a discount. Also big ups to all the homies that showed up, The Fresh Fiends, Thomas Wardlow (Diamond Supply Co.), Rev Rod (Fatlace), J*Star, Sean, the Nike and Supra family and everyone else I missed sorry but the night was kind of a blur.

pics stolen from Rev Rod, good lookin fam

"Who Run This"

Jada is a beast

Jadakiss - "Who Run This" from Three/21 Films on Vimeo.


Picked this oldie but goody today for the super low price of $10! This is a Yashica Electro 35 GSN. Old school 35mm with one of the best lenses (at its time) on the market. All I need is to retro fit a new battery and I'm off, until I save up enough scrilla ($500) for my Canon G10, ugh.


On Target

A Lot of people frown at the idea of getting a gift card, they say they "too easy" or "impersonal"... well I think they are the greatest thing to get someone like me, who really doesn't like others doing my shopping. For the holiday season, Target (say it like its French) is offering these nifty G.C.'s that double as small digital cameras. They start at $50 and allows the giver to take pics of what they would have bought, but settled on a tried and true gift card. And at 1.2MP, its not that far off from the crappy pic that you would have taken with your cell and asked for a second opinion!


Ride The Pony

I really don't know when this trend of pony hair on sneakers caught on, but I think its time for it to go! The two biggest perpetrators of this heinous act appear to be Nike and Vans... while some of the applications and coloring is "neat" the idea is kinda creepy. Also, the hairs are really coarse and seem like they would give you a splinter or cut the shit outta you. The latest to join the pack of non-PETA approved kicks would be Sperry with their new Chukka Topsider w/pony hair. Nice looking shoe, yuck usage of fur.



Thank you to the people at High Point for a live anniversary party last night... and for the Benny Gold 5 panel that I acquired. And if you haven't heard already, they goin at it again tonight (11/8/08) with some more music and festivities. Bring your debit card and leave the drama!